Photo of our packing process.


We make it easy for you to order, store, and use our products. Our packaging is designed for user convenience and simplified inventory control.

Packing Configurations

Packaging information is included with our online product descriptions and in our catalog which carries a selection of our products. For example: 10/1000 = 10 cartons per case, 1000 sticks per carton. You will find the shipping weight is also noted.

Custom Packaging Options

You can also request custom bundling and packaging for many of our products. For more information, please call us at our toll-free number, good within the United States and Canada: 1-888-289-3340. (Outside the United States and Canada, please phone 207-876-3312.)

Volume Minimums

Please note that custom orders require volume minimums. For more information, and to discuss your custom order needs, please contact us.